What is Regenerative Nutritional Medicine?

Some call this integrative medicine, functional medicine, environmental medicine or lifestyle medicine. All of these are powerful combinations of conventional medicine and evidence-based natural medicine personalised specifically for you. You are rewarded with long-ranging benefits by taking the best of both disciplines. This integrated approach is effective for the treatment of most age related and chronic degenerative diseases.

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Changes to Wellness Centre

Dr Kamal & Avani Karl have relocated to Auckland and are no longer working from the Wellness Centre.

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Integrative Medicine is the medicine of tomorrow – for you today. You can minimise health risks and maximise your quality of life by choosing from our specially designed assessment and treatment programmes. This is in addition to our General Practice Care Services available at the centre.

Clinic Locations

NAPIER :536 Kennedy Road, Greenmeadows
AUCKLAND :Meadowbank

All enquiries call: 06 844 0011

Patients of Dr Bernard Willis from Optimal Health:

You should have received an email informing you of future care arrangements.

Please contact us on 06 844 0011 or email reception@wellnesscentre.co.nz should you have any queries or wish to book an appointment.

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