After several years in General Practice, Dr Kamal Karl developed an interest in treating chronic degenerative illness of modern times in a comprehensive manner and that of combining conventional treatment along with natural therapies.

The team at the Wellness Centre has a passion for promoting this concept of Integrated Care, which enhances health and wellness by prevention, rather than only by ‘treating the symptoms of disease’. They firmly believe that this approach offers the best healthcare treatment options to the society of today and in the future.

Central to the theme is wellness and health rather than disease. This involves early intervention to make changes to lifestyles with the aim of reducing impact of stress and progression of most chronic illnesses that affect our modern day society.

What can you expect from a visit to the Wellness Centre?

Typically your treatment will start with a comprehensive holistic diagnosis of your total level of health. Taking into account your health needs and personal goals, we design a customised programme just for you.   Treatments are designed to enhance your diet, environment, physical activity, stress levels, relationships and your body’s systems of detoxification and repair.

Practitioners at the Wellness Centre look at you as an individual and combine the best of conventional and natural medicine to give you a tailored solution.

Our mission at the Wellness Centre is to optimise your health and help you take personal control over your well-being using a natural, preventative approach whenever possible and to support you throughout this exciting journey.


Our experienced, dedicated and passionate practitioners further enhance their knowledge with ongoing training and regular attendance at international conventions ensuring you have peace of mind that you are receiving only the very best and advanced level of treatment.

Our practitioners are supported by a dedicated team of registered nurses, office staff and an on site Dispensary.

Dr Kamal Karl


Kamal has been in medical practice for 22 years and has obtained post graduate training in Environmental & Nutritional Medicine and in Cosmetic & Anti-aging Medicine. He specialises in treating chronic illnesses and lectures to professional groups both nationally and internationally.

  • Fellow of the Australian College of Environmental and Nutritional Medicine
  • Member of the Institute of Functional Medicine in USA
  • President of the NZ Academy of Oral Medical Toxicology
  • Member of the International Hormone Society
  • Honorary Member of the Editorial Board of the journal of ‘Clinical Interventions in Aging.’


dr_avaniDr Avani Karl MB.BS, Dip.Obs FRNZCGP

Avani hasbeen in general practice for 20 years. She combines her extensive experience in women’s health and natural medicine to offer effective treatments of a wide variety of women’s health problems.

She regularly attends leading international conferences and speaks at forums for preventative health for women.