As most of you would have realised, achieving ideal body weight is not just a matter of eating low calories and exercising.

Though it may start in childhood, most individuals face the problem in their middle years, with women particularly affected during premenopausal times.



Effective long-term weight loss is really about optimising cellular health, and assessment takes into consideration:

  • Current medical problems and medications
  • An individualised eating and exercise plan to suit lifestyle
  • Achieving optimal nutrient intake and removal of toxins, which impede cellular health
  • Optimising hormone levels and realising brain signals of hunger and satiety
  • Functional and genetic testing to determine correct foods and allergies, as well as toxin exposure, nutrient and hormone levels as needed.

Depending on the person, it can take three months to a year to achieve long-lasting ideal body weight and healthy functioning of the body. Appointments will consist of seeing either Dr. Kamal Karl or Dr. Avani Karl for an initial 30 minute assessment, with a pre-filled questionnaire to help determine the scope of intervention required in each case. From here, input from nutritionists and psychologists will be incorporated as needed on an individual basis.

This is not a pre-designed weight management package, but rather an entirely tailored programme that incorporates individual uniqueness and is aimed at long-term healthy weight reduction.